Artificial Intelligence Information Sciences Planetary Sciences Earth Sciences

Hello world!

This is my first blog that I’m creating in my life.  I want to put emphasis on how Information Sciences and Artificial Intelligence can be applied to Earth and Planetary Sciences.  Let’s say, to planetary geology (Mars, Venus, Mercury, extrasolar planets, etc), to the oil and gas industry, environmental sciences, and more. In addition, I want to blog about Python and R as well.

I’m very enthusiastic regarding this ambitious project, hopefully it’ll work!

My name is Pablo, I’m from Argentina (Buenos Aires), I’m a geologist, lived in the USA for almost 20 years, and taught Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physical and Historical Geology, Oceanography, Physics I and II, Calculus I, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Spanish, all at the community college level in Virginia, USA.

I used to be very good at soccer and rugby in my home country.  I was a good athlete too in high school (billions of years ago!).

Well, planetary travellers, see you soon!


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